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Lunatic, Bipolar Hillary Clinton?

Open letter to Hillary Clinton and my father's 2nd wife the c-word, [found on the Stark Raving Viking blog here]. My father was diagnosed as being bi-polar. I talk about growing up under his roof. Hillary Clinton is the same sort of crazy in my opinion.

Picture of me and my Lithuanian model wife [click here]. This was before I was placed on the list that would become the No Gun Buy, No Fly, and Terrorist Watch List. A fat cop living with his mother was infatuated with my wife, put me on the list, figuring it would get me out of the way.

Video soon to be posted on LiveLeak with today's date:

Friday, February 26, 2016

Letter mailed to my Florida Brother-in-Law

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I don't know how long I have left on this earth. What bothers me is what most of my family doesn't know, or doesn't want to acknowledge. Is a baby, toddler, child, tween, and teenager who is physically and psychologically abused to be shunned by others for life? Shouldn't the abuser be shamed or called out for the abuse?

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YouTube video about Secular Humanism and Monsanto GMO:

The below is the text of the letter that I mailed out today:

Matt,                                                                                                2-26-16
I want to get back in with all family except for my father. I am asking for your help.

We seemed to get along great and were developing a friendship after we first met. We were then in the company of my father laughing, and smiling. My father then yelled at me in front of you saying that I like boating, was a contractor, and was just using you to go boating and to go to Florida. You never treated me the same after that. My father taught you that it makes him happy to disrespect and abuse me, even if you were just a witness.

Phil told me that my father didn’t want him hanging out with me because I was self-employed and that made me a liar and thief. This is while Phil was self-employed at his auto shop and into when he worked for a dealership. When that didn’t work, my father made plans with Phil every weekend and chance he could so I could not hang out with Phil.        

Seems odd, I know. My mother couldn’t leave me alone with my father when I was a baby and toddler, he’d choke, slap, punch, and put lit cigars in my face. My eyelids were cinged (sp?) at least twice. I developed asthma early. I was punched, slapped, choked out and sent to the basement for having symptoms. My mother was told not to be nice to me as I would get spoiled. When my mother rubbed Vicks Vapo Rub on my chest, I woke up to my father ripping open my pajama top, knocking over my vaporizer, and then choking me out before telling me that my mother was his, not mine, and she was to do things for him, not me.

I remember the first time I had friends over. I was smiling and joyful. My joy was an anger trigger for my father and I was often punished or assaulted for it. My father screamed at me and my little friends that we were playing wrong. After my friends left crying, my father told me that he didn’t have friends when he was growing up and he didn’t enjoy his childhood, so I wouldn’t either. If anyone was nice to me, my father told me I was supposed to ask why, and to ask how I was so annoying, and how could I fix myself. How do you think that worked out for my early development?

I was told from a very young age, and all the way up, that I would never amount to anything, that I would not go to college, have a job, and was going to end up in prison. I was told I was going to be too short to play sports or for anyone to like me, and that I have Asthma. He also said that no one would care when I died and no one would come to my funeral. My father said that I needed to find someone else to support me and that he could disown me at anytime and no one would blame him. This was his mantra with me from my first memories.

Why am I telling you this? Well, every relationship I have ever had, my father has done something to make me look bad or ruin the relationship, 100%. Cindy and I were together 5 years, and the first exposure to him at your wedding time ended that relationship. My father just kept yelling at us, saying I had missed a credit card payment, and that Cindy had bad credit so we were too irresponsible to be together. The first time he met Rasa, he just wouldn’t stop screaming at me, saying I was a contractor so I was a criminal who would not make enough money to be with a woman so pretty, and being a model was not a real job.

100% of the girlfriend who were around me and my father saw me getting yelled at and dressed down, repeatedly. The last 3 girlfriends, before [current romantic interest's name snipped], I had in New Hampshire and Vermont, women my father never met, the relationship ended with my father calling local or State Police to tell them I had radical ideas, was crazy, and was anti-police and he’d tell them my girlfriend’s names, addresses, and descriptions of their vehicles. Each relationship was destroyed, I got fired from my job, I had to drive something else, and I had to find somewhere else to live. So, I quit talking to my father and my life improved and I have a loving relationship, unmolested by him, for the first time in my life.

Rewind, back to Killington ski vacation, where I was there with my wife Rasa. The weekend started by being yelled at by my father over the phone about my not being good enough to be with the rest of the family, etc. Then, his theme was that Rasa was too skinny, so she was Anorexic or Bolemic (sp?), and it was my fault. My father then started hanging out outside the bathroom door every time Rasa went in, to listen if she was throwing up. My father told me he needed to take Rasa away from me, observe her, and see that I do no more mental damage to her while she got help. So, how enjoyable was my Killington “vacation”?

When I was in high school, a police officer pulled me over and told me that my father was talking to important people and wanted me arrested for DWI, or anything possible, as he wanted a reason to kick me out of the house and not have to pay for my college. When I did apply to colleges, my father refused to sign any paperwork and when I did get into a community college I paid for it. When my father found out I was going to get management training at the supermarket that I worked, my father talked to the head manager, and I was then fired the next day.

When I was going to college, a professor told me that I was wanted in the Dean’s office of the Community College. I went and was told I was kicked out, and that the FBI or Springfield Police would be called if I didn’t leave the campus right away. I asked why and was told that I had radical ideas, was anti-establishment, and could inspire others to violence. My grades weren’t the best, but I was not being kicked out for them. I asked the FBI agents and Springfield Police about this odd event when they were doing operations near the 7/11 I worked at 3rd shift to pay for college. I was told I would get in the severest trouble if I ever told anyone, but they told me that my father had used his influence. The Dean told me I would be banned from all colleges. 

Fast forward to when Rasa and I had a house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, a cop who was infatuated with Rasa told me he was talking to my father, that I was kicked out of Connecticut, that I didn’t own my home, that he would be better for my wife because he made more money, was taller, and was Polish, and Poland borders Lithuania, and I was the wrong race to be with her. He slammed me into the siding of my house saying he was going to arrest me because I had fed my wife macaroni and cheese which contains butters and that I was trying to make my wife fat. Officer “Fat Frank” Prochaska was listening in on our conversations inside the house, my phone calls, and was trolling my internet use.

Before I was arrested and got railroaded to prison, police said they were sick of my father calling them about me. My lawyer told me he was offered money to throw the case by my father. Guards in prison told me that my father gave a family impact statement to the court that I was a bad influence on my daughter and was causing her harm, so I should get prison to teach me a lesson and estrange me from her. My father came to visit me in prison. He told me that I either had to listen to, and do, all that he said, or he’d permanently estrange me from my daughter, Sarah. He kept his word. Prison was then to crowded put a guy on probation is prison after he raped a 3 year old! I had two druggie felons at each of my property locations trying to catch me outside so they could attack me where only I got arrested and got prison.

After Phil was injured on his motorcycle, my father would quit yelling at me when no one was around. He would even follow me into the bathroom. He told me that I was not allowed to talk to Michele, or see Phil, without him being there. My father told Phil’s sister, Susan, that I didn’t want her making any decisions regarding Phil, and that I was going to make the decisions. This was a complete [Father's name snipped] fabrication. I thought Sue was going to assault me right there.

I had been hired to help Peggy [last name snipped] with her projects in Greenwich, Connecticut. I had been given a room to live in her house. Peggy was on Saturday Night Live at the time Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo were on. Peggy hosted a young comedians show with John Candy. I was to meet [Well known actor's name, snipped] and be some sort of gofer for his screenplay, Solitary Birds. I was Peggy’s caretaker and brought her to the hospital when I heard Phil was in the hospital. Peggy offered me the money for gas to go to the wake and funeral for Phil and I was the same size as one of her sons and could wear his suit.

Peggy feared her ex-husband and I was to guard her 24/7. My father told Peggy that I was a liar, no good, and couldn’t help anyone, not even myself. My father knew I could not get to the wake or funeral without gas or Peggy’s help. He told me that I was forbidden to come with Peggy. Peggy fired me and I then had no place to live and no job. Thanks Dad!

My sister Michele will never talk to me again. Thanks Dad! I went to prison. Thanks Dad! My daughter, Sarah, will never talk to me again. Thanks Dad! Prison guards warned me that my father was going to try to get me violated on parole to get another year and a half in prison. He tried to get me to drink, buying me a 6 pack, and also to walk off the property after curfew.

I have had only one long term friend, [name snipped]. He is 17 years older than me. When I first started painting contracting with [name snipped], my father found out where we were working, and saw [name snipped] when I was painting the other side of a house. My father told [name snipped] that I was lazy, disorganized, a user, a liar, and am a thief. My father has repeatedly tried to ruin our friendship. [name snipped] is my friend to this day and I am probably still alive today because he was the only one there for me when I most needed it.

I’m not saying you all didn’t help me. But, any of your help was through a sociopath who has caused the most covert harm to me as he can for all time that I can remember.

Will you help me slowly patch things up with all family, except my father? What do you want from me?

Signed: Your Brother-in-Law, Uncle to your kids, and hopefully more than a one time only, friend,  

Monday, December 14, 2015

Text sent to Connecticut Law Firm about Expunging my Criminal Record:

Steven G. Erickson's letter to Connecticut Attorney General George Gepsen:

Steven G. Erickson’s account of false arrest and imprisonment and request for having his 2002 Convictions for Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace expunged.

I owned a home with my wife Rasa in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, on Brown Ave Ext. We were successful bidders at a HUD action in 1994. A teen gang hung out smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, drinking, and selling drugs, they were known as the “Diaper Gang” because of their youth. Co-founding the Stafford Springs Crime Watch, being self-employed, a concealed handgun permit holder, and complaining about police officer “Fat Frank” Prochaska led to my being harassed by police, false arrests and prison.

I had never voted before, complained about police, the courts, or gone to politicians about issues before 1994. I later found out because of the Oklahoma City Bombing and then the resulting laws and/or federal funding to go after Domestic Terrorists or Militia in states, police had new broad powers to disarm, slander, discredit, beat up, murder, set up for arrests, ruin financially, break up families, railroad to prison police targets on the Secret Police Enemies List. There were no real militia in Connecticut so police were after the self-employed, concealed permit holders, and the outspoken. Police were encouraged to recruit members of their own criminal gangs and to use them as operatives and informants for revenue collection and eradicating targets.

Fat Frank Prochaska was then listening to phone calls and looking at all my online activity from about 1995 as he would be blocking me from going to work in the morning to ridicule me or tell me what I was allowed to do based on his spying on me and my wife. I made macaroni and cheese for my wife for dinner one night. Fat Frank Prochaska somehow knew, and then assaulted me outside my house in the morning screaming at me on how fattening butter is and that I was trying to make my wife fat. Neighbors saw Fat Frank bouncing me off my aluminum siding, and he said I was “resisting”. I said, “Resisting what?” as I wanted him to explain to my neighbors and he left the scene.

Fat Frank Prochaska would shove me at Crime Watch meetings so he could stand next to my wife and told me privately if I spoke at a Crime Watch meeting he’d arrest me. Fat Frank told me I didn’t own anything, had no rights, and that if I didn’t shut up and leave Connecticut I would be severely beaten, murdered, or spend the rest of my life in prison as police now had special powers. Fat Frank said that my wife was to stay. Fat Frank said if I complained to anyone I would be permanently estranged from my only daughter. As far as I knew my wife never encouraged Fat Frank and had no interest in him romantically or even for a friend.

Prochaska told me he is taller than me, has more money, is smarter, and since he is Polish and my wife, a model, was Lithuanian, that he was the proper choice as I didn’t know the right people to have such a hot wife, to own a house, and to run a contracting business.

In 1995 or 1996 a huge, hulking drug dealer, an alleged operative for the police, punched me in the face repeatedly and bit into my ear to leave me bleeding for my telling him not to sell drugs near my home, daughter, and neighbors. I dialed 911. Peter Panciera fled the scene. I wanted my attacker found to be punished and to be blood tested as he had bit far into my ear and had feared contracting HIV/AIDS from his bite. Witnesses to the attack, Peter Panciera’s powdered cocaine customers told officers verbally and in written statements that they didn’t know who my attacker was. Fat Frank Prochaska then re-interviewed the witnesses and got the witnesses to remember the incident and to then remember Peter Panciera, saying I attacked Panciera, the incredible hulk. This was after I found out Peter Panciera’s identity and wanted Panciera arrested. I then faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. Prosecutor Beth Leming allowed me to get the case Nolled if I could get LT Trapp to agree to let me get the case Nolled by my agreeing not to hang out downtown or report any crimes to police for a year. I agreed.

I was told by police that they could be conducting an investigation or operation and that reporting crimes was felony interfering with police!

After I was arrested and faced a year and a half in prison for repeatedly using my face to pummel Panciera’s fists and using my ear to bloody his teeth, my wife quit sleeping with me, quit eating with me, slept in another room, didn’t talk to me, and we later divorced. She told me, I could lose my employment and our house, and that the police would keep coming after me until I went to prison, or worse, and she wanted no part of it.

I wrote then Governor John G. Rowland and then Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd. I was then followed around by Connecticut State Police, sometimes 2 to 4 officers would shadow me all day, everyday, for months at a time. I had also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to State Senators Anthony Guglielmo and John A. Kissel. I had also reported prosecutor Keith Courier for threatening me with arrest and prison for evicting prostitute Lana Thompson who says she gave blow jobs to Keith Courier. I also was trying to have Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan removed for bias in small claims cases, the judge using his car to block defendants from exiting court, and for making faces at me and other antics and juvenile behavior reported by others who were abused by Kaplan in civil cases.

State Police told me that I was no their list and they could not take any complaints from me and that if someone that I did call in to have arrested, they would have to arrest me to. I was told to leave Connecticut, or else. International Police Union Liaison to Legislators Stephen Spellman allegedly told Senator Tony Guglielmo and former Rep Mordasky’s staffer that I was going to pay dearly, and taught a lesson for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt Goldstein had gotten international experts from around the world to appear in Connecticut at a Special Judicial Hearing, Dec. 1996, on the subject of Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt was then attacked by a police informant on his property and was so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum and not returned since.

Donny Christmas, an Enfield CT landlord, also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Donny was then attacked by a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of an Enfield cop, and faced a year in a half in prison. He had wanted to evict the prostitute and her prostitute mother and sister. Donny told me that the 14 year old had written most of the penis sizes of Enfield Officers on her bedroom wall as a trophy.

After my divorce, I started seeing Barbara Satal casually. I would meet her downtown at bars, walking down. She had picked up on me. She then tried to get me to drive he SUV home from bar with the guise that I could then sleep with her 3 blocks away. A Hispanic Trooper warned me that White Officers were going to set me up for a DUI, drugs being planted on me, and that I was to be severely beaten by officers and then face all sorts for felonies and arrested for assaulting officers where I would get 5 to 15 years in prison. I refused to drive her SUV and State Police were waiting around the corner for me.

I later found out that Sattal was married at a later date I actually slept with her. She admitted to being offered $10,000 by officers to set me up. I then dumped her, and since she left her husband for me, I was told I was to be estranged from my daughter, lose my rental properties, and go to prison if I didn’t continue to date her. Connecticut State Police were enforcing a “no dating” policy on me and anyone I dated would be threatened and harassed by Connecticut State Police. A woman I was dating said she was pulled over just outside my house, the State Trooper found out she was not wearing underwear, started fingering her, and then yelled at her for having unprotected sex with me getting our discharge on his fingers. The woman told me that she was then pulled over in front of her Avon/Canton Connecticut house, fingered again by the officer and told she would lose her home, beauty parlor, and would be estranged from her then 18 year old daughter permanently if she continued to date me. I never saw her again.

An extremely attractive woman, younger than me, started picking up on me at an Ellington Connecticut café, and we started dating. She would show me her breasts and perform oral sex on me every time we met. After the 3rd date she told me she needed to smoke crack cocaine and I could get the best sex ever and all I needed to do was give her money to get some. On the 4th date, I pushed it, told her to go down in my cellar, and I had perfectly good room upstairs, she performed oral sex on me on her knees, finished, again asked for money for crack cocaine for our next meeting, and I accused of her of trying to set me up with Connecticut State Police. She came clean admitted it, and asked how I knew. She then started crying and said she didn’t believe the things police had her do just to get out of her charges.

After that a woman I had drinks at a bar with who violated her probation by drinking was asked to falsely accuse me of raping her to not get violated on probation and to gain her 2 kids back. She refused and went to prison. A retired Enfield Dog Officer who has a retarded wife and 4 retarded adult children allowed his then 40 year old son to crap his pants and then flush the underwear down my Somersville property toilets. I faced 6 months in prison for causing a public health hazard as I could not clean up the constant messes fast enough. The officer blew out my well pump and I had to replace that as well. The officer sued me for his losses making the messes in small claims court and I lost. I also lost most of anything I had of value in the basement he flooded.

I got a $160,000 bill for the Connecticut Department of Revenue services for 1/4 for my painting business. I would have had to have grossed millions painting myself in just 3 months. The letter saying I had 30 days to pay or dispute was not sent to a valid address by a Somerville Postman knew who I was and saw me and hand delivered it. I had to pay town taxes in 2 or 3 locations for each Connecticut vehicle or my driver’s license and registrations would be cancelled. I can only garage in one town and the other addresses were made up by somebody on the inside.

Police allegedly started calling my father for information and to turn him against me.

I contacted Attorney Michael H. Agranoff about suing the Connecticut State Police for all the harassment of me. I didn’t know that Agranoff had a business partnership with Peter Coukos to try and get me out of my properties on 3 and 5 Church St., 7 total apartments. So, it was a conflict of interest for Agranoff to represent me if he had been paid by another client to do me harm. Coukos is a police informant who told me that he’d paid Stafford Selectman John Julien a $5000 bribe so police would run me out of the properties so he could get them cheap. Coukos did this while punching me in the back of the head telling me he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and give him a blow job. I had already been arrested for being attacked on my property and police were bragging that I was going to prison even before I was attacked. I had tried to have Coukos arrested for leaving death threats against my daughter on our voicemail and for stalking her and us.

Before I was arrested on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, properties, I was staying at my 18 School St., Somersville, CT 2 family. A felon drug dealer police informant was parking his two unregistered Bronco II’s in my driveway blocking my parking and use of my vehicle in the garage and had erected a tent in my backyard. The Hispanic or African American Trooper warned me that if I was attacked by this felon, I would be arrested and go to prison. I had some close calls running from my work van to my backdoor to get to safety.

I then started staying back at my 1 Church St., Stafford Springs, CT, apartment. Druggie felon, drug dealer, alcoholic, and police informant Brian C. Caldwell, would bang on my door after midnight screaming he’d cut my penis off and kill me if he caught me outside, told my tenants he’d kill me, and stalked me for weeks. I wrote Bush 9-15-01 about being under siege and was informed he actually read my letter and I got a response. I was attacked on my property 10-11-01 and when I was the knife I peppersprayed Caldwell and myself. After I had washed the pepper spray out of my eyes, only I was arrested and I was displayed with a spotlight on me with two cruisers with their lights going as a police trophy. Troopers refused to listen to the threats on my voicemail or to interview witnesses to then commit perjury at my trial.

Michael H. Agranoff admitted throwing my trial because he owed Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan a favor for his not being disbarred for having inappropriate relations with an underage client and threw my case. I had asked Agranoff to ask Kaplan to recuse himself off my case because I was trying to have Kaplan removed for bad behavior and bias in civil cases. Prosecutor Keith Currier who had threatened me with arrest and prison before I had evicted his prostitute refused to give me AR and offered no deals, just maximum prison and fines, forcing the trial.

I had no previous record and Judge Kaplan sentenced me to a year in prison, 3 years probation, maximum fines, and I was subject to a mental evaluation to see if I needed to be confined there for having overreacted to being mugged on my own property having used pepperspray. The felon who was never arrested, admitted on the stand to threatening to cut my penis off if I didn’t hand over my wallet. Yes, it was that ridiculous.

I could write a book about the abuse received from guards in prison when they’d first ask, “How’s your feud with the Connecticut State Police going Stevieboy?”

I have been estranged from my daughter and most of my family since I was railroaded to prison. I lost my credit, contracting business built over 20 years, retirement, pets, home, rental property, vacation home, and home.

I have been harassed out of relationships, where I live, and my jobs, when State Police call my father and ask for names and addresses. I kept telling my father that police would know all that if they were doing a legitimate investigation for him to stop giving them information to get me beat up, set up, or even murdered. Since not talking to my father for 4 years I have had the same job, same girlfriend, and same place to live.

Police should not be able to spy on anyone so they can steal their spouse, significant other, children, property, and/or ruin lives for their own entertainment. Police should not be able to use friends and family to further harm a police target.

I have a picture obtained through the Freedom of Information Act showing what was distributed to police at roll call. The flyer is part of the Secret Police Enemies Arrest on Sight List.

I would like at minimum just get rid of the debilitating criminal record.

Around 2006 to 2007 I was pulled over numerous times by Massachusetts State Police , Monson, and Wales town police walking. The State Police were allegedly using plate scanners. I was asked if I had any bombs or guns, and that they needed to call the Connecticut State Police to see if I needed to be arrested on as many charges as possible. I explained to each officer what had led up to my “being mouthy in Connecticut”, and that I was just trying to put my life together and was struggling financially. I was told as long as I agreed not to work or live in Massachusetts and mostly stay at home in Vermont, they’d let me go with no charges.

In 2011, I was taking buses regularly from Springfield, Massachusetts, to NYC. The bus traveled through Connecticut. The last time I went, the bus driver pulled the bus over without anything to have caused him to, pulled out his TSA laminated ID and started screaming at me to state my name. I did. He said, “thought so,” and that if he could he would throw my piece of shit ass out on the street right now and that he was supposed to report me to Connecticut State Police if I stepped off the bus on any unscheduled stop, which the driver suggested I do.

This sort of harassment can only get worse. I want my name off their list and assume it will be with my record being expunged.

Will you please help? Will you please help me recover any losses as well. I have been complaining to federal and state authorities since all this has taken place. Since legislators are aware, even recently, that my talking to them resulted in my being targeted and railroaded to jail, I wonder if there is any liability on their part.

Steven G. Erickson [Address snipped]

[Phone # snipped]

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Will illegal drugs become black market currency in a cashless society?

 Let's not kid ourselves, the CIA, US Government, State Police, the DEA, Central Bankers, the FBI, Corporate Organized Crime, Billionaires, UN puppeteers of US Military, Arms producers, Blackwater type operations, and their minions are involved in heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and other drug trafficking, murder-for-hire, money laundering, white slavery, abduction of children, sports betting prostitution, loan sharking, extortion, taxpayer funded state terrorism, domestic spying, rape, beatings, torture, indefinite detentions, regime change, pocket wars/conflicts, drone bombing, assassinations, ponzi schemes, Federal Reserve abuse of economies, crimes against humanity, war crimes etc.

A piece done by James Corbett or the Corbett Report, called, "Meet the Clintons," break down how Hillary and Bill Clinton are murdering, drug traffickers, with CIA ties. [Video embedded here]

Without cash, and with the police looking to confiscate guns, gold, and stored food, what better currency of a Martial Law society then the currency of the realm, illegal drugs? The CIA need not just use their printers to churn out Federal Reserve Notes, then can just pay the terrorists to attack US troops and Americans in America using illegal drugs as currency.

Even if you don't do drugs, if you can buy clean water, food, rent shelter, warm clothes, and transact with neighbors, why not use what can be easily carried. There is "no shrinkage" if you don't use drugs, you would have full use of our savings. If police confiscate cash, and the IRS empties your bank account and retirement on the slimmest of a slimy excuse, what is an average American to do?

TPP is part of the biggest theft in the history of the world perpetrated for the most disgusting criminals in the history of the world. CISA is Obama's Patriot Act 2.0


[click here] for:

Below post includes video of the girl's 4" long tongue, and a critique of average Americans not getting off their lazy butts for what is most important. 

Does it take having longest tongue, or similar, to get notice on the internet/videos?



Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites [found here]

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How Americans Are Financing Their Own Worst Fear

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[WeAreChange video source]. A poll shows that Americans biggest fear, about 80% of us, the boogieman that is ISIS and ISIL. Aren't US taxpayer dollars being funneled to them by the CIA?

Saddam, former dictator of Iraq stopped using US Dollar and Central Banks, what happened to him? So did the former leader of Libya, what happened to him? So, did the leader of Syria, what is happening to him? Leaders in Yemen are also making a break, so what's up with the US drone bombing there?

Please check out more videos on my liveleak channel. This is the policing we all pay for. [blog post]

Text and links with embedded video:

Published on Mar 20, 2015
In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest CNN poll of what Americans are most concerned about and gives you insight on how this fear is irrational and can be stopped.

























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Before 9/11 police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and probably all over the country, were getting marching orders from their international police union (largely SEIU) to carry out UN Agenda 21 type policies. 

Police would target citizens for their armed revenue collector duties, finding excuses and using police informants to confiscate property, assets, and cash, processing of citizens (arrests) for the enrichment of lawyers, judges, organized crime, politicians, their families, and their friends. 

Police were especially after the self-employed, small business owners, farmers, ranchers, independent livestock owners, gun owners, concealed carry pistol permit holders, and especially the outspoken who could be potential leaders during the time of the elimination and nullification of the US Constitution.

It takes sell-out officials like State of Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers to make the above the scourge of the US we see today. I, for one, probably of many, would like to see Chase Rogers prosecuted and jailed, not renominated as judge by the Judiciary Committee of legislators who are mostly pandering whore lawyers.

[click here] for:

Public Corruption and Judicial Misconduct's best friend, Chase T. Rogers?

Chase T. Rogers photo was [found here].

Should Connecticut Supreme Court Justice be fired instead of being reappointed? [This might be a good reason to fire that] (expletive snipped).

There are at least two online petitions to not re-instate [Chase T. Rogers], link is for WikiPedia post on her.

William J. Sullivan aka "Taco" got away with whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He and I, Steven G. Erickson, had a talk before he was taken out to the legislative woodshed for his spanking, 2 weeks suspension, for using the US Constitution as toilet paper. What will they do to Chase for being as sleazy? Probably nothing, this is what Taco did:

[more links to links, video, and text]

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?

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Text with below video [url to watch on]:

Published on Mar 11, 2015
Discrimination, societal sanctions, it all started with a few measles cases at Disneyland.

More than 1.2 million people in the US are infected with HIV, about two million people are infected with chlamydia, tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea, and it is estimated another three million people are infected with hepatitis C. These citizens are not targeted by government for discrimination and blocked from getting a public education, being employed or moving freely in society.

Why have politicians in 12 states already filed legislation to eliminate non-medical vaccine exemptions, leaving only a very narrow medical exemption that most people cannot get? What is happening right now in America is not about the the measles or public health.

What does the elimination of religious and non-medical exemptions mean for your family? The future is in our hands - read on to discover how you can stand up for your rights.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Public Corruption and Judicial Misconduct's best friend, Chase T. Rogers?

Chase T. Rogers photo was [found here].

Should Connecticut Supreme Court Justice be fired instead of being reappointed? [This might be a good reason to fire that] (expletive snipped).

There are at least two online petitions to not re-instate [Chase T. Rogers], link is for WikiPedia post on her.

William J. Sullivan aka "Taco" got away with whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He and I, Steven G. Erickson, had a talk before he was taken out to the legislative woodshed for his spanking, 2 weeks suspension, for using the US Constitution as toilet paper. What will they do to Chase for being as sleazy? Probably nothing, this is what Taco did:

If there is major shift, and the US Constitution is bolstered and protected, and the court system becomes un-crapulent, should one of the patriots that you can credit be Michael Nowacki of New Canaan, Connecticut? [That story]

The below is text of what I handed to Chase T. Rogers. Her response about obvious police harrassment and malicious prosecution was that citizens should not be able to complain when they don't like the outcomes of their cases.

I would like the FBI Task Force on Public Corruption to investigate Chase T. Rogers and for the IRS to do an audit on Chase T. Rogers finances and that of those who are close to her to investigate court case rigging, obstruction of justice, tampering, perjury, lying, and other alleged crimes.

[Yet another post on Connecticut Probate Courts, lawyers, judges, and other officials ripping off inheritances and sick people who just drive through Connecticut]. Ethics Commissions in Connecticut can't act ethically.

Did lying lawyer insider and former probate administrator Michael Lawlor cover up for the financial malfeasance of Madison and New London Connecticut area Judge Phillip Zuckerman? Do lawyers and judges give and/or receive campaign contributions to owe favors and to rig cases? Did this happen under Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers' watch? [story]


Another post on why the Rockville GA #19 Connecticut Court in Vernon might be the rubber stamp on the most  predatory policing in the country, possibly Troop C Tolland Connecticut State Police. Government, judges, prosecutors, DCF, and elected officials are in cahoots to take your home, take your kids, cause you to get divorced, cause you to be estranged from your family, make you lose your job, ruin you financially for life, and maybe even take away your will to live:

Corporatized Police:

One of the most disturbing 9/11 photos I have ever seen (warning):

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Text handed to Chase T. Rogers:

Got Ethics, Official Connecticut?

June 11, 2007

To whom it may concern on the Advisory Commission on Wrongful Convictions:

I believed I was falsely arrested and imprisoned for political and official retaliatory reasons and ask that my criminal record be expunged.

I bought a dilapidated house in Stafford Springs, CT, at a HUD auction, in the mid 1990's. I completely fixed it up, inside and out, and had a problem with teens, vandals, and drug dealers taking over my yard and driveway at 3 Brown Ave. Ext, and became a co-founder of the Crime Watch in Stafford.. Officer Prochaska threatened me with arrest if I proposed legislation allowing police officers to write teens detentions to be served year round at schools for simple violations, to work like an insurance point system where reform school or confinement could be obtained from racking up too many points. I proposed the law to elected officials, anyway, despite Prochaska’s insistence that he would not be involved with youth crime and that I would be arrested if I did not shut my mouth.

After my then wife and I came back from months of travel in Europe, seeing many countries, I happened upon Peter Panciera and two of his powdered cocaine customers, back in the US, Stafford Springs, CT.. Panciera then beat me and bit into my ear. Panciera fled the scene at the customers’ insistance saying Peter was “holding”. I found who Panciera was a week later and notified police. Police refused to arrest Panciera and Prochaska arrested me 6 weeks later at my home in front of my family and neighbors after I insisted that Panciera be tested for AIDS and Hepatitis as he had chewed into my ear. I refused to get a lawyer and told Beth Leming the prosecutor that I would ask that the 911 tape be played and that Peter Panciera stand next to me as he outweighed me by about 100 pounds and was about 6 inches taller. I told he, “I would say would you attack him if you were me?” I asked Leming why was I arrested if he beat me and then bit me. She reluctantly agreed to nolle the charges if I got LT Trapp’s ok. LT Trapp told me I wasn’t allowed in downtown Stafford Springs unless I was an alcoholic or drug user. I agreed not to go downtown for a year and charges of Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace were nolled.

I then sold my house and bought boarded up rental properties in Stafford Springs. The Connecticut State Police had told me I was “kicked out” of Connecticut and if I did not leave the State of Connecticut that I would be arrested. They were allowing drugs to be sold by teens and others to set up two bar owners for having their businesses closed because they were in competition with an alleged organized crime figures involved in running Lark’s Café. I was told that interfering with drug dealers and other criminals was interfering with police and that if I insisted that the criminals that were using my front yard as a toilet, teens for drinking parting, and a 24 hour drug drive-thru that I would be arrested not them.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed for bias in civil cases brought on by landlords and the self-employed. And tried to have prosecutor Keith Courier removed for telling me that if I brought eviction against prostitute Lana Thompson for moving in my apartments without my permission, expecting to live for free, that I would be arrested and prosecuted by him to the fullest. I evicted Lana Thompson.

Connecticut State Police then put the word out that they wanted an excuse to arrest me, and that I could be assaulted and police would owe the informant or other criminal a favor.

Troopers would follow me to work and to building supply stores in pairs when I left in the morning. They would get out and follow me into where I had my vehicles worked on etc. I was told I better leave Connecticut, “Or Else”.

Felon, alcoholic, drug abuser, Brian Caldwell then began trying to catch me in my driveway getting from my work van to my backdoor. He would beat on my door sometimes after midnight waking up my neighbors and tenants telling me he would cut my penis off if he caught me out in my yard. This went on for weeks. Police let me know if I complained to them about anything that I would be arrested and go to prison if I did not shut my “Big Mouth” and leave Connecticut.

Brian Caldwell jumped me about at about almost midnight on 10-11-01, after he had left a message on one tenant’s answering machine telling her that he was going to kill me when I got home. And another tenant was told that she would have another landlord as he was going to kill me when I got home. Troopers Amaral and Langlois refused to listen to the answering machine message, to interview my tenants, and refused to take my complaint against Caldwell and then committed perjury at trial docket # docket # CR01-0074672, saying I never asked to make a complaint against Caldwell. Only I was arrested for Breach of Peace and Assault 3rd.

Police were bragging around town that I would be going to prison before there was a trial. I told State Senator Tony Guglielmo. Caldwell attacked me in a crowded restaurant and tried to, or did, attack me 7 more times after the initial time he jumped me. I called State Senator Tony Guglielmo after each attack, or attempted attack.

Prosecutor Keith Courier told me that I had to plead guilty and serve a year and half in prison, no deals, and no AR, even though I had no criminal record, so I was forced to go to trial. Judge Jonathan Kaplan refused to take himself off the case even though we had past animosity, that I had written a letter to the court with the docket # Hass vs. Erickson claiming Kaplan was ok with insurance fraud and didn’t care about justice. I was trying to have Kaplan removed for 2 years for his bias and antics BEFORE I was attacked on my property. Before trial Kaplan told me I was guilty and going to prison.

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff told me after he had already purposely helped set me for prison that Judge Kaplan had told him that he was not allowed to dispute Connecticut State Police perjury or any prosecution assertions. Agranoff refused to call any witness to my being attacked on my property. A police worker was allowed to be on the jury, to be jury foreman, against my right to strike a juror. A VHS tape was shown to the jury on how to find me guilty, but nothing about innocence or reasonable doubt was in that tape. That particular tape was later thrown out by the judiciary for being unfair, possibly tampering with juries.

A tenant that I was evicting that had been harboring Brian Caldwell so he could attack me, claimed she saw me attack Caldwell from her apartment in the dark. There was a diagram in front of the court that showed my properties. Agranoff refused to point out on the diagram that there was a house between her apartment and where I was attacked therefore she was committing perjury. Since Agranoff had refused to defend me for his over $17,000 fee, I asked that I be allowed to go to the diagram and point out that the tenant that had threatened me with retaliation for evicting her was lying and could not see through a house in the dark and therefore was lying. Judge Kaplan refused to allow me to make a statement in my defense to the jury.

Brian Caldwell admitted stalking me, before and after the incident, and in threatening my life before demanding money on the stand under oath. Shouldn’t a judge know that Caldwell was guilty of stalking, threatening, breach of peace, and attempted robbery?

I knew that the trial was fixed. So I emailed Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada an email of the text I had mailed to the US Department of Justice regarding asking that the USDOJ webpage be removed from the Connecticut State Police website citing that policies were not being followed. I knew that if Judge Kaplan yelled at me like I was a baby raper the next day at sentencing I could later prove illegal collusion between former Rockville Judge Athur L. Spada with Rockville Judge Jonathan Kaplan in fixing my case.

Former Representative Mordasky’s aid implied that the police liaison to legislators told her that I would be retaliated by police at the orders of Spada for what I wrote in newspapers, for legislation I proposed, and for looking to sue police.

Attorney Agranoff has refused to supply the fee agreement contract, my legal file, and refused to appeal my case and did not file a reason he did not with the court. I was sentence to a year in prison, 3 year probation, the maximum fine, paying Caldwell restitution, anger management, drug and alcohol classes even though there is no history or arrests for drugs or alcohol, and to see a shrink two times a week as Kaplan thinks that I am mentally unstable for having pepper sprayed a mugger fearing for my life.

I did nothing wrong, was not a threat to society, and can’t “re-offend” and don’t need to be taught a lesson if I wasn’t looking for trouble the night I was jumped, unlike the violent felon that is a menace to society. Is this how courts and law enforcement in Connecticut should operate?

Is official, judicial, prosecutorial, police, and attorney misconduct not punishable if there is illegal collusion to cover up official crimes, perjury, and obstruction of justice if it is done in retaliation against a citizen that has lodged complaints?

If not please expunge my record so I can earn a living and get a decent apartment in my name. Please also review my trial transcripts for judicial and ethics purposes.

Please assist me in finally obtaining justice.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
Post Office Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT 05302

[click here] for more


The below was cut and pasted from a blog post, June 2007:

June 15, 2007 Hartford Courant Editorial, Connecticut

Judging by state Public Safety Commissioner John A. Danaher III's recent response to a damning report on his agency's internal affairs unit, improvements might be a long time coming.

The six-month study conducted by investigators from New York's state police found the unit so saturated with misconduct and favoritism that it renders the department incapable of properly policing its own troopers.

Last week, Mr. Danaher, who was appointed in February, outlined policy changes intended to correct the abuses. Are they tough enough?

In the real world, for example, employees who lie are fired. But Mr. Danaher has determined that troopers whose credibility is in serious doubt are to be transferred to jobs where they are unlikely to testify in court.

That's not all. Troopers who collect overtime for work they haven't performed - thieves, in other words - will now be required to pay the money back. They didn't before - at least not in all cases. But does this punishment match the offense? A more effective solution would be to charge them with a crime.

To his credit, Mr. Danaher, a former federal prosecutor who supervised corruption cases, said that if an investigation of a trooper shows that a criminal investigation might be necessary, the matter will be referred to the Chief State's Attorney's Office. But the commissioner declined to discuss specific examples of misconduct and favoritism cited in the report, except to say that they were being investigated.

Was he referring to Sgt. Jae Fontanella, a supervisor who was identified in the report as receiving a five-day suspension after submitting false documentation for $5,227 in overtime - money that he was allowed to keep?

He didn't say.

The only way Mr. Danaher can repair the image of the state police is if he unequivocally rids the department of bad apples. His plans, so far, don't offer such assurances.

My Comment to the Editorial in the Topix Forum

The Chief States Attorney is supposed to weigh in on the Connecticut State Police and bring in ethics? Can Mr. Kevin Kane, the Chief State's Attorney, either not appear, or not be, drunk at televised hearings.

If someone steals a candy bar, an item worth less than a dollar. This can end up in an arrest and pending court case. Officers that commit fraud in turning in paperwork of bogus overtime, that commit felony theft, file false reports, obstruct justice, are racketeers, aren't even arrested.
That is disgusting.

I plan on writing Danaher and posting my letter to him here: I contacted the Governor's Office regarding police being threatening and abusive to citizens wanting police protection and service in downtown areas at the time Henry Lee was Connecticut State Police Commissioner.

I have since found out if you are critical of the policies and politics of the Connecticut State Police you are then put on the Connecticut State Police "Secret Enemies List" as was journalist Ken Krayeske who was arrested and faced prison for snapping pictures of Rell at a parade.

A married woman, Barbara Sattal was allegedly offered $10,000 to date me, and set me up for an arrest and false imprisonment to shut me up, as I was allegedly upsetting the top brass of Connecticut State Police with laws and policies I proposed to elected officials regarding the Connecticut State Police.
Barbara ended up leaving her husband for me, and confessed. I dumped her.

She gave me a choice of either getting Connecticut State Police protection, or if I refused to take her back, Connecticut State Police retaliation where I would lose everything and end up in prison.

Sattal told me that I wasn't allowed to date and that Connecticut State Police would enforce a policy where I was not allowed to date.
I rented cars, went out of state to relax, and stayed in my home as much as possible in fear.

I was being followed around by police and officers were threatening me.
I violated the Connecticut State Police "No Dating Policy" and a woman that I was dating, that left my home in Stafford Springs, told me that she was pulled over just outside my home, and officers told her what a piece of [expletive] that I am, and she should no longer date me.

She objected, was searched, found not to be wearing underwear, and claimed a Connecticut State Police Officer sexually assaulted her with his finger.

She claimed she was followed all the way home to Avon/Canton and the officer pulled her over again, sexually assaulted her again, and terrorized her into not seeing me again or in reporting the incident.
Barbara Sattal, pic and post:

I violated the Connecticut State Police "No Dating Policy" and was arrested for resisting a mugger, a police informant, on my property, two Connecticut State Police Officer committed perjury at trial saying I never tried to lodge a complaint against my attacker, and I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation for pepper spraying a felon, alcoholic, drug abusing, home invading thief encouraged by police to terrorize me out of my home.

[response part 2]:
I believe Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada was in contact with Judge Jonathan Kaplan to coordinate railroading me to prison. Collusion of police and a judge in a court case is illegal.

Kaplan told me I was guilty and going to prison before trial.

I knew the only way to "mark" my case to later proof the railroading was to email Spada that I wanted him to take the US Dept. of Justice webpage of the Connecticut State Police "Community Policing, COPS" policies weren't being followed. I indicated to Spada that I mailed a copy of the email to the USDOJ.

Spada tried to fire an officer for not saluting him, and demoted the highest ranking woman out of his office because she is a woman, so I knew Spada would blow his stack and show his hand for my emailing him.

Spada and Kaplan were both judges at Rockville Court at one time. I figured if Kaplan screamed at me like I was guilty of roasting babies over fires started on public sidewalks for having "overreacted" to being mugged in my own dark driveway, I figured I could later prove that the Connecticut State Police Commissioner personally saw to it that I was held as a political prisoner in a Connecticut jail, conspiring with Judge Jonathan Kaplan to rig my trial.

* * * * *

This blogger's email:

[click here] for the text of the letter I handed to Connecticut Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers

* * * *

My Beef with Col. Davoren [click here]

Connecticut State Police Officer Colonel Thomas Davoren

* * * *

The Connecticut State Police "Goon Sqaud", enforcers of the "Secret Enemies List"

Barbara D. Sattal, did she refer to LT Davoren, formerly the head honcho over at Connecticut State Police, Troop C, as "Dad"? Sattal was allegedly offered $10,000 to set me up for an arrest. The original plan was for her to get me to drink alcohol, drive her Chevrolet Blazer to my house where I would be pulled over, beaten, and then charged with DUI, assaulting officers, drug possession (as drugs would be planted), resisting arrest, etc. [click here] for post.

Davoren is now a Colonel in the Connecticut State Police. [Click Here] for more.

It seems that Connecticut Judges and the Connecticut State Police Officers that are involved in retaliation and Unconstitutional activities are on the fast track for promotions and advancement. Those that want quality and ethics within the system seem to face an intense barbecue.

What is up with that?

Could it be that there are an overabundance of practicing lawyers that are elected officials in Connecticut? The Connecticut attorneys have a real ethics scandal of their own stealing from clients, not doing their jobs for clients etc.

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

* * * *

[click here] for Steven G. Erickson YouTube videos

* * * *

If you are out protesting or complaining about Connecticut Police Misconduct, is this the goon squad that is out to get your photo and name for the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" where you are a click away from having your life ruined?

The above is enhanced from the figure in the window below.






Photos courtesy of The Falcon

The above originally found here


Corruptions in all 3 branches of Government in State of Connecticut? A Court Police Officer running for political office in Connecticut allegedly commits larceny and forgery get arrested. The Officer at the Supreme Court in Connecticut will get desk duty, and paid, while the charges are probably disposed of. [Story]

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Implications of Total Surveillance

Image [found here].

Prior to 9/11 police in my town of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, were listening to citizen phone calls, trolling internet use, and private contractors were stringing surveillance microphones and video cameras from telephone poles.

Police could then enforce laws not on the books, policing on their whim. Police were also given secret directives to go after concealed carry permit holders, legal gun owners, the self-employed, and the outspoken. [This is what it has digressed into].

I sent elected officials emails about what police are doing wrong, about court reform, or talk on the phone about voting for paying less property taxes can all get you put on a [target list] where police will refuse to offer protection and service. Police will are looking for any excuse to arrest you, will set you up, and the court riggers, judges, prosecutors are instructed to be as medieval on you as possible. Your lawyer will sell you out to the dark side. [Post on lying scumbag, weasel Attorney Michael H. Agranoff].  I, Steven G. Erickson, experienced all this just before 9/11 and was prosecuted to the max just after.

I had purchased a desk to computer that was top of the line in 1998 or 1999. I was not blogging. I emailed State Senators and a Representative about being harassed and threatened by the Connecticut State Police who told me I was not allowed to vote, be married, own a home, have a daughter in my life, and that I was scum because I was a concealed carry permit holder and was a contractor, self-employed. I computer then fried beyond being able to use. That was was the first $2600 the police cost me. I then used my tenant's $2000 plus computer to send emails. Her computer then fried.  I have lost over $10,000 just in laptops and desktops due to police state shenanigans and abuse.

I have lost countless jobs. Countless friendships and romantic relationships have been ruined and prevented. I have suffered untold abuse and damage.

Hacker Rob G. says he hacks computers illegally for the police and state. He plants evidence on computers, deletes files, alters or blocks websites, puts spyware on computers, and helps the state silence and ruin the outspoken.

In modern times if you can't use email, be online, and function you can't get, maintain, and keep most jobs. Official hackers can get into your financial, medical, and other records and raise absolute havoc. Every aspect of your life is being manipulated by unseen psychopaths.

Police can set up citizen for being beaten up by police informants, being set up for false arrest, or even have 24/7 GPS locations on target citizens to be murdered. Your cell phone, call, or other electronics can make anyone a virtual prisoner out in the open air.

Police can decide to break up your relationships, family, destroy your reputation, finances, and ruin the sum total of everything you have ever worked for. Police can shop for underage girls and other targets for rape, sexual submission, sexual assault, sexual slavery, and/or being used for setting others up for home, business, asset, and cash loss to then be arrested and imprisoned. Cops shop for targets online like they are shopping for goods on

Cops and other officials take inventory of your bank account, home, vehicles, possessions, cash in your wallet or purse, or if you have a gun a police officer wants, they can send a police informant into your house when you aren't home and just steal it. They know where you are 24/7. [Post]

The US Constitution are the rules for government to follow. They are breaking all our rules, why should we follow theirs? The current international banker and corporate organized crime stealth occupation of the US expects us to fund our own abuse.

Silence signifies acceptance.

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

* * * *

It is a real popular search term, "Connecticut State Trooper stole cash out of my wallet" 


State Trooper Stole Cash And Crucifix From Dying Motorcycle Crash Victim

Trooper steals jewelry and cash from motorcycle wreck

A former Connecticut state trooper was sentenced on Friday to one year in jail for allegedly stealing personal belongings from the body of a dying motorcycle crash victim.

In an accident that occurred on the Merritt Parkway in September 2012, then-Trooper Aaron Huntsman reportedly took a gold crucifix worth about $5,000 and a wad of cash from the body of accident victim John Scalesse, who had crashed his bike into a construction company truck.

Apparently, the incident was caught on the trooper’s dashcam video; that footage has not been released to the public, however.

The victim’s family members prompted state police detectives to investigate the lost property allegations. The trooper had allegedly told the family that he didn’t know what happened to the crucifix or the money.

Huntsman’s full sentence was five years in prison, with all but one year suspended, plus a probationary term of three years. In June, the trooper entered a guilty plea to third-degree larceny under what’s called the Alford doctrine.

Prosecutors had sought a 16-month term.

The Connecticut Post reports that “Huntsman, the first trooper at the crash scene, walked over to where Scalesse lay, bent down and picked up Scalesse’s gold chain from a pool of blood, according to the arrest warrant affidavit. He then took a roll of bills totaling $3,700 that had been in Scalesse’s pocket. Later, Huntsman told Scalesse’s grieving father that he didn’t see any money on the victim, the affidavit states. The cash was later found held with a rubber band under the front seat of Huntsman’s cruiser.”

A 20-year military veteran with almost the same amount of time on the state police before he resigned, ex-Trooper Huntsman told the sentencing judge, “I just want the court, the family, and those present here that care about me to know that the man that stands here today deserves to be punished… I’m truly sorry for everything, the pain the suffering… not even realizing the symbol of the crucifix caused so much hurt.”

Huntsman’s lawyer reportedly claimed that alcoholism and PTSD were at the heart of the incident.

[source of above]

how many times did this officer get away with this before being caught? How common is this behavior?

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *

Killing citizens who know too much has a term for it, "Arkancide":
An overwhelming amount of links and video generated about the Clintons, their CIA cocaine trafficking business, and their body count of those who know too much:

* * * *

Who is a worse organized crime figure, John Gotti or Michael Chertoff? Chertoff was a federal prosecutor prosecuting Mafia figures. He became head of DHS, US Department of Homeland Security. He then went to the private sector to push dangerous microwave radiation scanners that we the people don't need, don't want, and can't afford. Insider Chertoff profits millions as an insider. So, whose worse Chertoff or Gotti? John Ashcroft is the former Missouri Governor, then US Attorney General, and now lobbyist who will take your cash to fix government for your use and profit if you are a criminal banker, corporate pirate, organized crime, or probably even if you are a CIA connected heroin or cocaine trafficker. Who is more of a scumbag parasite on humanity, Ashcroft or Gotti? Check out the first link below:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Muck Rock FOI guides and help

Do you want to file a Freedom of Information Request to the FBI or other agency?

Maybe [Muck Rock] can help. I found the tip about Muck Rock from this James [Corbett Report Video]. If the FBI is legitimate, wouldn't they be using RICO to go after CIA operatives operating, murdering, and spewing propaganda inside the US? Well, check out Corbett Report video for answer.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit induced Temporary Insanity

Well before a friend of mine who was a retired Hartford Narcotics Detective and on the ground floor of the concept and planning of the US DHS, Department of Homeland Security, in the USCG US Coast Guard Reserves, told me what was being planned pre-9/11. Targets who get in the way of "progress" can be targeted by Connecticut State Police Intelligence Units which were part of the precursor to which is now DHS.

Connecticut State Police allegedly have a lab, bio-weapon herb garden, and plenty of methods, operatives, and devices of delivery. I was quite alarmed to wake up, go to a vacant apartment next to mine, and find a microwave oven propped up against the wall, a paperclip in the door mechanism, and it was set on the lowest setting of defrost. It was on the other side of a wall, 5 feet from where I slept in my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties that I had started fixing up from a boarded up condition when I was the only one living in 2 then vacant buildings, a 3 and 4 family house, 7 units total.  I have no idea how many weeks, days, or hours that I was subjected to doses of microwave radiation, all night, every night.

I was warned by a police officer who told me to watch my back to watch my beer at the local bar and to not eat or drink anything in my refrigerator that was not already opened. Lose your mental faculties only once, even temporarily, and the police state can do what they want with you, and paint all of what you say with one broad brush ruining your reputation with very little expense and effort.  Police officers no longer just show up in the dark or draw me out to talk privately to warn me. All communications are compromised, and police who are friendly with the public are punished for cavorting with the enemy. One Somers Connecticut Police Officer told me that if he helped me, worse would happen to him. That was before my false arrest.

Electronic, medical, bio-weapon, and special technology weapons have been tested, and are now used by Connecticut State Police Intelligence, DHS, and their contractors. Police officers use these against each other when one is potentially going to blow the whistle. The go to retaliation against police officers before they even think for blowing the whistle and breaking ranks is to go after their children utilizing DCF. Officers who are not feared of going rogue or feeling empathy for the general public have no problem with DCF, their police informants, or their underage girlfriends on probation.

One silent shot from an air rifle that scratches your arm, medication brushed on your steering wheel, or spray on a coffee filter before your morning coffee, or whatever delivery system, can cause you temporary insanity, your death, or your life in prison, discredited.

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Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I have again bashed a beehive with a broom handle. I am again standing under the beehive with no protection. I again have police hanging near where I park, across from where I park, and/or following me around as I shop. Just because they aren't in uniform in a store, or at my favorite watering hole, doesn't mean I remember them driving around in town when they were ...

International Bankers and Corporate Organized Crime who have the world under stealth occupation had one way of thinking to unclog their version of the world's drain, then they reversed their plan to make the clog worse, to then make the clog offer the solution. What am I talking about? Well, if you understand these arrogant elitist concepts:
you will understand what I am talking about. 

After the elites have wiped out our bank accounts, retirement, pensions, assets, wealth, jobs, and have taken our land, it is cheaper to kill us, sterilize, torture, and indefinitely detain us at their leisure then to govern us.


Does the US Constitution actually apply? I ask Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy that question:

Billionaires are represented. We the people pay taxes and fund our own abuse: